Reading Anthracite
We sell the Famous READING anthracite...... 
Home of the RED Trademarked coal.
America's top quality anthracite since 1871!


John H. Murray & Son offers a "Summer Fill" program for all sizes of premium anthracite coal. Typically most coal users do not use coal from mid- May thru mid-September. During this off season our suppliers offer John H. Murray & Son special price & payment incentives to take delivery of coal early  which we  then pass on to our customers. If we have to deliver across your yard our program  allows us extra time to perform your delivery. Please contact us if you would like to know more about this program.


With credit approval we do allow customers to pay for their coal using a Budget Payment Plan.  Most plans run 8 to 10 months long and typically start in September each year. Our "Summer Fill" program can be combined with our Budget Payment Plan. For more details please contact us.


The information contained in this section covers only the essential elements of coal bin construction and does not cover doors, openings or roofs.

The best way to build a coal bin is to place the studs or frame work on the outside of the walls. The bin doesn't look as nice as the other way , but your bin will last much longer. Your bin also won't bow, bend or break. We recommend a middle of the bin cross brace on any bin larger than 2 tons. If your bin is in your cellar we recommend lagging or bolting the the bottom of your studs to the floor. This will keep your bin wall from kicking out.

As far as sizing goes the best rule to follow is 40 cubic feet per ton. To compute how much coal a bin will hold just multiply the inside dimensions and divide by 40. This formula works on all sizes of coal we sell. An example follows:

         Inside Length x Inside Width x Inside Depth = Cubic Feet
                 8 feet       x        4 feet     x       4 feet       =  128 cubic ft

                 128 / 40 = 3.2 tons of coal  so only order 3 tons of coal

The materials used in construction are up to you, 1/2" plywood and 2X4's work the best and last the longest.

We do not recommend sloped floors for bins or bins taller than 5 feet tall.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.